Tuesday, February 15, 2011

item name : Amethyst bracelet (purple)
also available in : red agate (red) and aventurine (green)
price : RM 88 including postage

Item name : Crystal bangles
from left : Rose Quartz, Blood stone, Aventurine.
price : RM 28 including postage

Item name : Pendant bracelets
colors : Rose Quartz (pink) and Amethyst (purple)
description : comes in two design (stone cutting), stainless steel
price : RM 38 for the first pink and purple, RM 18 for the following (all including postage)
Item name : Amber pendant
description : stainless steel, unique design
price : RM 120 (including postage)

Item name : Garnet necklace
price : RM 180 including postage

If you're interested in any, email me for measurements or any enquiries, at


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