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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

A:  P & Co denim mini (Size S)
- Non-stretchable material
- Very girly look ^^

B: Purple corduroy mini (Fits size S & M) Stretchable
- Waist area show signs of worn due to frequent washing
- Very special colour and comfy to wear

C: Diesel denim mini (Size L) Non-stretchable
- Rugged design
- Great for casual wear :)

D: Grey denim mini (Size M) Slightly stretchable
- Very nice colour
- Great for both casual & girly look ^^

E: Pocket denim mini (Size M) Non-stretchable
- Comes with a special design on the pocket at the front

F: Light denim mini (Size M) Non-stretchable
- Very thick denim
- Has 2 different pocket designs at the sides

G: Black corduroy mini (Size M) Non-stretchable
- Very comfortable to wear
-Easily watch with any tops :)

H: Duchess mini (Size L)
- Never worn this coz it’s too loose on me :(

I: Beige polka dots mini (Size M)
- Worn less than 3 times cos I had too many skirts V^V
- Easily match with any plain/ girly look tops

J: Tartan brown mini (Size M)
- This is one of the prettiest skirts I had but I couldn’t fit in it anymore!  :(
- Very thick material

Every skirt at RM5! (Not including postage)
Interested? Email me at mimiko@live.com.my


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