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Sunday, November 18, 2012


Made from quality soft and lightweight cotton, this stylish cardigan is made for the tropical climate in Malaysia. The material is extremely comfortable and slightly stretchable. Perfect for casual outings to the mall or even to protect those arms from the harsh sunlight when you are out and about! 

Lovely waterfall-like drapings at the side. Very figure-flattering!

Material: Quality smooth, stretchable cotton

Brand: H &M (bought in the UK)

Condition: Mint

Size: UK8 (S)

Colour: Light brown

Price: RM35 (with free Registered Post)  

Note: A very good bargain for this brand!

Contact: jessleewei@gmail.com



This is a design known for being flattering on any figure! Made from extremely smooth, comfortable and lightweight cotton, this top is effortless stylish even if you just wear it with a pair of shorts and sandals. Perfect for tropical climates or that dream beach holiday! A good excuse to show off those sexy collarbones without being too revealing too. :)

Draw attention to your neck and collarbone without appearing too sexy.

Material: Quality soft, comfortable cotton

Brand: H & M (bought in the UK)

Condition: Brand New (worn only to try)

Size: UK 8 - 10 (S - M)

Colour: Black

Price: RM36 (with free Registered Post)

Note: A very good bargain for this brand!

Contact: jessleewei@gmail.com



This cardigan was so popular it was so sold out on many blogshops at one point! I see all the reasons why. Quality stretchable material that isn't sheer, figure-flattering design and the tailoring of the sleeves. This piece is so versatile, you can wear it to work or play and take it from day to night! Whether you are dressed down or to the nines, this piece definitely spells  style!

 Figure-flattering and very comfortable. 

 This cardigan may look simple but the sleeves are so fashionable and well-tailored, they make the arm look more slender. Genius! 

Good quality fabric. 

Material: Quality soft , stretchable cotton

Condition: Mint

Size: UK 8 - 10 (S - M)

Colour: Light Grey

Price: RM18 (with free Registered Post)

Contact: jessleewei@gmail.com



The short hoodie is seen in the dance movie, Step Up 2 and has been gaining popularity ever since. This stylish piece is made of soft, comfortable cotton. Perfect for a casual day out or to yoga class or dance practice. Flaunt those slender arms, curves and toned stomach! To those discerning few who are brave, you may even wear it on it's own!

It has the effect of elongating your torso to make you look slimmer and taller. 

Note: There is a hood at the back of this hoodie. 

Material: Quality soft, comfortable cotton

Condition: Mint

Brand: PDI

Colour: White

Price: RM27 (with free Registered Post)

Note: A fraction of the original price! Stay on trend without breaking your bank!

Contact: jessleewei@gmail.com

Interested? Please contact me at jessleewei@gmail.com
Do feel free to ask me any questions! 


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