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Saturday, February 16, 2013

Selling all these babies~
Almost Heaven by Judith Mcnaught-RM18 
Once and Always by Judith Mcnaught-RM18 
Baby makes three by Marion Smith and Honeymoon with a handsome stranger by Elane Osborn (two stories in one book)-RM10 
The thrill of Victory by Sandra Brown- RM18 
Waltzing in Ragtime by Eileen Charbonneau- RM8 
Blood Canticle by Anne Rice- RM10 
Nobody does it better Gossip Girls- RM10 
Only in your dreams Gossip GIrls- RM10
Malay books 
Aku mahu teman tapi mesra by Ain Maisarah- RM10 
Dendam Pewaris by Zyra Safiya-RM10 
Setengah Syukur Setengah Sabar (koleksi cerpen)- RM10 
Kisah-kisah lucu Abu Nawas-rm3 
Di bawah satu pohon by Ahadiat Akashah-rm5 
Yang terindah by Anis ayuni-rm8 
Geng T3-rm5 
Kelabu by Nadia Khan-rm12 
Coretan cinta Feel 100%-rm12 
Pilot Cafe by Ahadiat Akashah-rm15


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