Black Milk Clothing leggings & BFT (original!)


Monday, March 10, 2014

Item name: Star Wars Montage Leggings (licensed gear)
Material: Leggings material
Colour: As pictured
Size/Measurement: XS, waist 63.5cm, low hip 89cm, thigh 52cm, ankle 52.5cm 
Status: Brand New
Price: RM200 (negotiable)
If interested please contact:

Item name: Naoki's Big Day Out BFT (limited edition)
Material: Polyester
Colour: As pictured
Size/Measurement: XS, oversized BFT fit, can fit men too
Status: Brand New
Price: RM180 (negotiable)
If interested please contact:

All Black Milk Clothing items were bought directly from the online store at I will also include the Black Milk Clothing stickers that I received with my order. I'm open to price negotiation but please be reasonable as the prices are already discounted from original Aussie dollars price plus shipping. Please email me for further inquiries.


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