Rani Hatta Maxi Skirts, All BRAND NEW


Sunday, May 17, 2015

Rani Hatta Maxi Skirts

Am selling them because I only wanted 1 colour, Dark Teal, for myself but the designer will only ship internationally with min. order of 6 pieces. So had to order extra pieces and am now selling off remaining 3 pieces here.

I am not worried about the IDR price stated in the pictures because the final cost of each skirt came up to about RM150 due shipping charges, but I am willing to sell at RM125.
Price includes Poslaju postage fees.

Aqua Blue colour (Free Size)
Only 1 piece available
Image source : Rani Hatta Instagram, not my own picture

 Pale Gold colour (Free Size)
Only 1 piece available
Image source: Rani Hatta Instagram, not my own picture

This Dark Teal colour which I am wearing is my own piece. I ordered 2 pieces and am selling the new piece. The colour is very hard to photograph and this is the closest that I can get.

Only 1 piece available

The quality of the maxi skirts are fantastic. Very comfortable. Not your average chiffon material but the material drapes nicely with a lovely flow. They are fully lined and the lining material used is the exact / same material of the skirt. Kinda like paying for 2 with the price of 1 =)
Every piece is new and still in the original wrapping.

Interested buyers can contact me through text / whatsapp 012 692 3303, Stephanie.

Have a great day, everyone!


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